ConnectSF is San Francisco’s long-term transportation planning effort. San Francisco’s Streets and Freeways Strategy was developed through ConnectSF. It prioritized the Brotherhood Way and Alemany Boulevard area for future planning to address safety on high-speed, high-capacity streets and improve neighborhood connections. Creating the Brotherhood Way Safety and Circulation Plan is the next step in the planning process. The Project will develop, evaluate, and recommend concepts that improve transportation flow, pedestrian and traffic safety, and connectivity in the project area.

This survey provides a forum for community members to provide their input related to transportation concerns and issues within the project area. The project is currently in its initial stages of gathering community input that the project team will use to develop improvement concepts. The figure below shows where the project is now in this process, and how community input at this stage will be used to inform ideas for potential improvements.

Project timeline showing technical activities and outreach activites by season