Thornton 88th Avenue Study Survey

The City of Thornton is conducting the 88th Avenue Study to develop a shared vision for the corridor by identifying current safety and mobility challenges on the corridor, and future opportunities to make the corridor more accessible for all road users. This study strives to:

  • Improve safety for all users and reducing serious crashes
  • Improve transit speed and reliability along the corridor
  • Increase connectivity for all users along and across the corridor

Your input is extremely valuable and will help the project team develop a vision and recommendations for improvements to 88th Avenue.

For more information on the project please visit the Project Website.

Interactive Map Feedback

The purpose of this interactive map is to understand where there are transportation issues and challenges along 88th Avenue and also to gather ideas on improvement opportunities.

In this section, please indicate on the map where you have the following issues or ideas:

  • Issue Walking - I have an issue walking or crossing here and/or have an idea for a pedestrian improvement.
  • Issue Rolling - I have an issue using a mobility aid or device to travel or cross the street here and/or have an idea for an improvement.
  • Issue Biking - I have an issue biking here and/or have an idea for a bicycling related improvement.
  • Bus Stop Issue - I have an issue with the bus stop here and/or have an idea for a transit improvement.
  • Issue Driving - I have an issue driving here and/or have an idea for an improvement.
  • Other Comment - I have another transportation-related issue or idea for improvement at this location.

Click on the "Add Input" button and click on a location on the map where you would like to drop the pin. Then, click "Select a category" and a dropdown menu will appear. Once the category is selected, you may leave a comment describing the specific issue.