About This Plan

The Richmond Parkway Transportation Plan will identify strategies that equitably expand transportation options, support safe travel, and reduce public health impacts of truck and vehicle traffic along Richmond Parkway and Castro Street between I-80 and I-580. The study area boundaries include the geographies of Richmond, North Richmond, and other unincorporated West Contra Costa County areas. The West Contra Costa County Transportation Advisory Committee (WCCTAC) is leading this plan in partnership with the City of Richmond and Contra Costa County. WCCTAC expects to finalize this Plan in Fall 2024. Visit the project website to learn more.

Share Your Feedback!

To support this process, we’d like to hear from you! The feedback you provide in the interactive webmap below will identify key challenges to address through the Plan. Add a comment on the map below to tell us:

  • Your current experience traveling on or near the Richmond Parkway and Castro Street
  • Where you have the hardest time walking, biking, taking the bus, or driving
  • What improvements would make your travel experience better


Click the button on the top of the map below to expand the map to full screen. Click the "Add Marker" button and leave a marker on the location you would like to leave a comment.

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